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About the G20 Library Summit:

The G20 Library Summit is a pioneering international event dedicated to advancing the role of libraries in knowledge dissemination, education, and cultural preservation. Organized by Pondicherry University, India, this summit brings together library professionals, policymakers, educators, IT Professionals and cultural experts from G20 member nations to share knowledge, collaborate, and shape the future of libraries in a rapidly changing world.

The G20 Library Summit aims to highlight the pivotal role of libraries in promoting knowledge access, equitable information distribution, and cultural preservation. Under the overarching theme of “Connecting Nations for Knowledge and Cultural Heritage,” this summit will serve as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation.

About the Theme

Global Information Access and Equity
Libraries as Catalysts for Sustainable Development
Emerging Technology and Trends for Transformation of Libraries
Promoting Literacy and Lifelong Learning
Public Libraries as Cultural Heritage Preservation and Access Centre
International Collaboration in the Library Sector
Policy and Advocacy for Libraries
Preservation and Access to Indigenous Knowledge and Languages
The Future of Libraries in a Changing Digital World

Summit Sessions

The G20 Library Summit sessions covering all the themes and subthemes will be supported by the plenary talk, invited talk, workshop, oral presentation  by eminent scientists and academicians from national and international on the relevant topics.

Last date for submission of abstracts30th November, 2023 17th December, 2023
Notification on acceptance of abstracts5th December, 2023 20th December, 2023
Last date for submission of full-text articles15th December, 2023 31st December, 2023
Notification on acceptance of full-text articles31st December, 2023
Dates of the conference7-9 February, 2024 (Wed, Thu, Fri)

Exhibition / Sponsorship

The summit will provide an opportunity to our commercial and industrial partners to showcase their products and services to support summit activities through sponsorships. Further details may be obtained from the Organising Secretary, G20 Library Summit or from the conference website.

Official Sponsors

Diamond Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship

Bronze Sponsorship

Prof. Clement S. Lourdes
Director (C & CR)
Pondicherry University