The G20 Library Summit aims to be a landmark event in the field of information sciences and knowledge management, bringing together experts, professionals, and researchers from around the globe. We believe that the collaboration of the Library Association with the G20 Library Summit could yield numerous benefits, not only for your association but also for the broader library community.

Central Government Library Association, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

President: Ramesh Kumar Secretary: D.K. Pandey

Society for the Advancement of Library and Information Science, Chennai, Tamil Nadu URL:

Founder President: Dr.A.Hariharan President: Dr.A.M.Venkatachalam Secretary: Dr.Major.T.Magudeeswaran

Madras Library Association (MALA), Chennai, Tamil Nadu


President: Dr. K. Nithyanandam Secretary: Mr. K.Venkataramani

The Goa College Librarians’ Association (GCLA), Goa


President: Mr. Bala Mandrekar Secretary: Dr. Jayaprakash G Hugar

Madhya Pradesh Library Association, Bhopal


President: Dr.Prabhat Pandey
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mehar