The G20 Library Summit participants can contact the Library Team to fulfil their needs.

Shri. S. Arivazhagan, Professional Assistant
Dr. K.T. Naheem, Professional Assistant
Shri. C. Suresh, Professional Assistant
Shri. M. Saraswati Rao, Professional Assistant
Smt. A. Uma Swarna Manjari, Professional Assistant
Shri. N. Bakthavachalu, Professional Assistant
Shri. A. Abdul Rasheed, Professional Assistant
Smt. L. Kalpana, Semi Professional Assistant
Shri. S. Manicavelou, Semi Professional Assistant
Smt. G. Madhurambika, Library Asst.
Shri. R. Rajesh, Library Asst.
Shri. R. Murugan, Library Asst.
Smt. R. Renukadevi, Library Asst.
Smt. Akhalya Ebeneezer, Library Asst.
Shri. M. Aneesh Kumar, Library Asst.
Smt. A. Radjacoumary, Library Asst.
Shri. T. Chanmugavel, Library Asst.
Smt. J. Arivoli, Library Asst. (Contract)
Smt. K. Vasumadhi, Library Asst. (Contract)